What I've been up to.
Designing & Marketing
Over the past 7 years, I have enjoyed my time as a creative and marketing director. I currently ensure the goals of the marketing and design department are in line with the companies brand and objectives and coordinate between other departments and their goals. I also am responsible for all development of marketing processes, and management for production of all visuals; branding, literature, web content, e-commerce, PPC campaigns, and all other marketing channels.
Other responsibilities include but not limited too:
• Communications with printers and managing print processes.
• Management and direction of marketing tools and teams.
• Management and direction with outsourced projects.
• Product training and employee education.

Other personal goals and responsibilities are to ensure and maintain a productive, creative environment that improves workflow and establishes professional habits that lead to reliable and innovative solutions.​​​​​​​
Over the years I've worked with many types of productions, web, print, email, packaging, photography, and even 3D modeling.